marți, 21 februarie 2012

Black Ops 2 Perks - Lightweight, Ghost, and Flak Jacket Perks

One great addition to the game Black Ops 2 is the fact that it brings a new host of Black Ops 2 Perks. Having this will definitely improve you as a player no matter how excellent you may be. Having this privilege, you can surely enhance your own character and also make them as you unique as you can for you can customize in accordance to your preference. As a start, it would be wise for you to know that there is a number of fifteen perks in this game and it is subdivided into three sub groups. And not until you will be on the fourth level, all of these perks will be unlocked and will be available for you to buy them with the use of your points. Having the addition of the perks found in slot 1 will without a doubt allow you to have an altered appearance to your character, making its look a unique one. In addition, this game will move on and continue on what its predecessor are doing by including the Pro comparison to the normal perks, this would fully enhance your characters abilities thus, giving you the most benefits while playing the game. These perks will be unlocked as soon as you are able to finish different kinds of challenges.

Here are some of the perks that you may want to use. One would be the lightweight. This would allow your character to be capable of running in a faster speed than before. However, the type of gun you are carrying will also affect the speed of your run. This is often used with the class of sprint. Another perk that is very effective would be the ghost. The primary role of this perks is to allow you to be visible to spy games and Blackbird kill steaks. However, you must be careful because once you will fire a weapon that is not silenced; you will be detected by the radar of the enemies. In addition, you can still be detected when your opponent is using an infrared scope.Black Ops 2.

Also, you may want to purchase the flak jacket perk. This would be very useful for you to be protected from explosions that are more powerful. Although your health will still be reduced, you will certainly survive the blast. But still, you must watch out for explosions coming from crossbow bolts for this perk will not protect you with this type of detonations.